Commercial Iron Works

Commercial Iron Works
At Brinkoetter’s Iron Works of Pleasant Hill, MO, we can help with your every commercial iron works need. We know your business is one-of-a-kind, so we are dedicated to creating functional metalwork that is equally unique. Whether your object is something decorative or something that is built to last, our skilled craftsman can help. When you partner with us for your commercial iron work needs, high-quality products, designed to satisfy, are guaranteed.


When it comes to iron work, we offer commercial customers with a wide variety of options. Below is an overview of our most popular items:

  • Iron Fences
  • Iron Stairs/ Railings
  • Custom Signs
  • Structural Steel


In addition to providing these iron work solutions, Brinkoetters Iron Works creates custom designs, designed by you, for you.


Iron Fencing Solutions

Commercial Iron Fencing

Iron fences are a classic fencing solution for businesses. Timeless in design and durable by nature, these iron fences are a great addition to any commercial project.


Commercial Iron Stairs

Our heavy-duty iron stairs are the perfect addition to your business, they are custom designed around your commercial building code needs.


Commercial Iron Railing

Commercial Railings

From rods and bars to plates and rail profiles, we have an array of structural steel components that are ready for use in your next big commercial project.


Structural Steel Solution

Structural Steel

Brinkoetter’s Iron Works supplies surrounding business operations with high-quality structural steel.Whether you need a small or large order, we have your needs covered.